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Improvements You Can Make to Your Roof to Reduce Energy Costs

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Improvements You Can Make to Your Roof to Reduce Energy Costs

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There’s no end of amazing benefits that come with a brand-new roof. From better insulation to top-notch ventilation, to all-out stunning protection against all the elements, it seems like there’s no problem a new roof can’t fix. You can install a new roof to reduce energy consumption, keep your home temperature-controlled even in the worst conditions, and stop ice dams and other problematic elements from leaking into your home’s foundation. However, even if your home is due for a new roof, roofing isn’t cheap, and it can be difficult to set aside the time and money to fund a full-on roof repair or replacement job. Luckily, if your roof is still in pretty good shape, you don’t have to spring for a total re-haul to get the benefits you’re looking for. Whether you want a bit of relief from those high energy bills or simply want to get rid of a few pesky drafts you’ve been noticing in the attic, here are a few improvements you can make to your current roof to create a more easily temperature-controlled environment.


Cool It Down

You may have heard of a trend called “cool roofing,” which involves using lighter-coloured shingles to help your roof from absorbing too much heat during the summer. This can be especially helpful for homes that don’t get much in the way of shade, such as overhanging trees. However, if you’re not looking to replace your roof in full, how can you bring the cool roofing trend to bear on a structure that’s already pretty solid? While you can always replace shingles that are damaged or looking the worse for wear, an easier (and much more cost-effective) option is to put a “cool” coating on your roof to lower the temperature instantly. Roof coatings aren’t super expensive, and they apply quite easily. Not only can these coatings help your roof stay cool in the summer, they’re water-resistant, mildew-resistant, and provide 3 years’ worth of solid UV ray protection. That’s a lot of extra coverage for a hardware store coating that you can easily apply yourself.


Install Bottom Insulation

So many homeowners spend so much time making their roof more energy-efficient that they completely forget to do the same for the attic. Whether you use your attic space for storage or leave it alone, keeping the northern-most part of your house well ventilated and insulated can do a lot for your roof’s longevity. It can also help create a much more comfortable home. While attics are notoriously stuffy, you can use layers of foam, fiberglass, or reflective coating to keep things cool and airy in the space below your roof. If you weatherize your attic properly, you can cool down your entire house so effectively that air conditioning won’t even be necessary unless temperatures climb above 95 degrees. Think about the yearly savings that could create for you and your family, especially if you live in a hot, unshaded area.


Use Better Shingle Material


Your shingles may be supported by many layers of insulation and protection, but never forget that when it comes to actually co-existing with the elements, they’re the ones pulling most of the weight. For that reason, you might want to consider re-outfitting your roof with some new, energy-efficient and UV-ray resistant shingles if you can’t afford to do an entire roof re-install. Getting the right shingles will protect your roof for longer, stop ice dams and moisture leaks from forming, and help your home stay better insulated through the year. It can be a fairly simple DIY project to undertake for not a ton of money, while professional installation could run you anywhere from £1,000 to £7,000 to replace shingles on your roof. If you only have a few shingles that are in bad shape, take the opportunity to search for newer, energy-efficient materials and slowly work your way up to completely overhauling your roof.


Install an Energy-Efficient Skylight

If you have a skylight installed on your roof, you’re already ahead of the game in terms of harnessing the sun’s light and power to make your home a more elegant, liveable space. However, if your skylight hasn’t been updated in a long time, it could be that your window needs to be replaced with a more up-to-date, energy-efficient model. If your skylight is old and full of air leaks, or even if it’s a single-paned window rather than a double-paned model, it could be responsible for creating drafts in your home which make it impossible to achieve an even temperature.