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Getting a roof repair is something most homeowners dread and when the roof does not need repair, it is important to get not only the finest materials available but also the best price on installing those materials as well. Most of us will start the process by getting a roof repair estimate from a few roofing contractors and it is important for all homeowners to learn how to read this important document properly.

A small leak in your roof can quickly become a large problem. We have years of experience troubleshooting roof leaks and providing long-term repairs that stop leaks and prevent further damage. Our roof repair experts take the time to thoroughly investigate your roofing issue and provide lasting repairs that leave you with the peace of mind you desire.

Not all roofs are beyond repair. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our neighbours. We don’t just want to sell you a roof on our timeline.  We want to be the roofing professional you need regardless of your situation.

Roof Repairs Bath

 When your roof needs minor repairs, Empire Roofing has a roof repair technician available for you. With Empire Roofing, you can count on outstanding customer service and quality craftsmanship from courteous roofing professional. To schedule a roof repair, call today for roofing done the right way by Bath’s choice roofers.

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With decades of roofing experience, our fully qualified tradespeople are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to complete any roofing services to the highest standards.

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Empire Roofing is proud to be a roofing contractor in Bath to handle all the following:

What to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Contractor for Repairs

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What are the Factors That
Affects the Cost of a Roof Repair?

Roof repair can be an expensive and lengthy process. It is important to hire an experienced roofing contractor to get your roof repair done. The cost of a repair varies depending on the degree of repair needed as well as several other factors. At Empire Roofing, we can assess the damage to your roof from both outside and inside the house before we give you an estimate. Here are the five factors that affect roof repair costs.

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The Type of Your Roof

Roof types affect the cost of repairs. Roofs can be low or high pitch (pitched roofing) and slopes or flat roofing materials can influence the repair cost as they vary for each roof types. Some roof types require more labour and materials.

The Size of Roof Repairs

The size of the roof repairs also determines the repair costs. Generally, the price is determined by the roof’s square footage which is typically a 10-foot square area.

Roofing Repairs Bath
Roofing Repairs Bath Water Damage

Roof Repair Permits

Roof repairs require permits so where you live can influence the cost of a roof repair. The cost of the permit varies depending on the size and value of your home. If you want to carry out repairs on less than 25% of the area of a pitch or flat roof, you will not normally need to submit a building regulations application However, you will need approval if you carry our structural alterations or you are repairing more than 25% of the roof area.

Skylights and Chimneys

Unique rooftop elements including skylights and chimneys can raise the price of a roof repair. Sometimes, you may need to replace the rooftop elements. You must ask your roofing contractor to check them for damage or leaks while evaluating the roofs. Your roofer will need to fix the flashing around the elements even if they do not need to be replaced. This increases labour cost.

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Water Damage

Water can damage the structure of your home. We will remove the roofs and check the decking underneath to look for any signs of water damage. Fixing water damage may raise your final cost as they can be costly. It is important to assess water damage because you might need to replace the entire roof.

Why Choose Us?

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We understand you have plenty of options when looking for a roofing repair company in Bath. We also understand what you need the most efficient, fast, simple service from honest, hardworking roofing contractors. At Empire Roofing, you get a team that will go the extra mile. When you need things done fast, you can rely on our 24/7 roof repair services in Bath. We understand that some emergencies can’t wait until business hours, so we will go out of our way to be there for you in your hour of need, no matter when that hour is.

Roofs are a vital part of a building’s structure. When a roof is damaged by a hailstorm, a fallen tree, or another act of nature, you will want a professional team to be there as soon as possible. We offer 24/7 emergency repair service and we always provide free inspections. Don’t hesitate to call us today if you want a professional opinion at no extra charge. We will give you an accurate estimate of how much the repairs will cost and we will them work hand in hand with your insurance company in hopes they will cover the damage. Take control of your roof. Call us today to schedule a complimentary inspection.

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