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What Do Roofers Do When It Rains?

Rain on Roof

What Do Roofers Do When It Rains?

UK weather can be very unpredictable and for professional roofers, it is important for them to monitor the daily forecasts before they proceed with the job. Typically, if there are higher chances that it will rain on a specific day, the team will let the homeowners know if they will be postponing the project until further notice.

However, what if it rains all a sudden just when the roofers are midway in doing their job?  What do roofers do in cases like this?

Roofers are expected to be fully and adequately prepared for unplanned downpour that can happen during a job. If it suddenly rains while in the middle of a roofing project, roofers will first check how heavy the rain is and try to determine if it will last for some time.

If the downpour lasts for hours, they will use tarps to cover the roof to ensure that the wood as well as other materials don’t get wet. For short and lighter rains, the roofers will probably climb off the roof first and wait until the rain passes before they continue the job. Roofers have ample supply of tarps and some 2x4s available at their disposal that they can use for securing the tarps in place.

Roofing Shingle Installation When It is Raining

Roofers work in sections if the roof covers a large area. If not, they try to get rid of all the damaged and old shingles in just one day. Before installing the new shingles, they prepare the roof first and fit it with the synthetic underlay. This underlay is waterproof and offers rain protection to some extent although it will not protect the roof from a torrential downpour.

Roof Repair While Raining

Roofers receive service calls for emergency roof repairs during storms. Roofing professionals use a roof sealant that comes in handy even in the rain. But while this roofing sealant can keep the water out, this is not intended for permanent and long-term repairs. Good weather is essential for a long-lasting roof repair job. It is always important to remember that it is never a sound idea to try to repair the roof on your own during heavy rains or storms because of safety concerns.

Risks of Roofing in the Rain

Ask any roofer and they will surely tell you that there are always risks associated with doing exterior home improvement projects during poor weather conditions. For instance, a slippery roof may put the roofers at risk of suffering from injuries or causing minor or major property damages. But, what is more important here is that the roof may fall if it is installed under wet conditions.

Wait for Good Weather

If you want your roofing system to last for a long time, it is always best and recommended that you install it during favourable weather conditions. It means that you should avoid installing your roof during a rainy day or delaying the project for several days in case of unexpected rains. This wait will be worth it for both you and your roofer.