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Is It OK to Put a Metal Roof Over Wet Shingles?

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Is It OK to Put a Metal Roof Over Wet Shingles?

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If your roof has shingles, there might have been one point when you considered getting rid of them in favour of the benefits that metal roof can offer. But, many homeowners are unaware that it is actually possible to install a metal roof over shingles, making it a good option to consider for your next roof project.

Direct installation of metal roofing over the existing shingles can be considered an eco-friendly choice that can give your home an additional protective layer and even a better roof structure.  It can also cut down on the cost often associated with new flat roofing installation and metal roofing since it eliminates the need to tear down your existing roof, making it a win-win option for most homeowners.

Metal Roofing Installation Over Wet Shingles

For areas more prone to random snow and thunderstorms you have to make sure that there is an underlayment layer. The underlayment creates a layer of waterproofing that makes it perfectly fine to put a metal roof over wet shingle to eliminate any potential issue. It will also create another protective layer against the different elements at the same time.

How Metal Roof Installation over Shingles Works

Before you even install metal roof over shingles, it is necessary that you get in touch with the local building officials to check if it is allowed in the first place. Most areas allow re-roofing over a layer of shingles but some allow re-roofing over two shingle layers.

You would want to sort it out first right away before you start looking for a new roofer or investing your money in a roof that you cannot even install on your house in the first place.

Is It Necessary to Add an Underlayment for Metal Roof Over Shingles?

You don’t need an underlayment if you want to install metal roof over shingles although it is a big plus. The additional layer will ensure that the older shingles are not exposed to continued stress that can increase the risks of roof damage. Even though a metal roof is more durable than shingles, you wouldn’t want to be sorry in the end.

Is It Better to Remove the Shingles Before You Install Your New Metal Roof?

Removing the shingles before you install your new metal roof is not really the better choice. The process of removing the shingles can get really messy and make the whole job more expensive. However, aside from issues with cost, when you leave your pre-existing shingles in place, you will also give your roof an added layer of protection.


Metal Roof Installation Over Shingles is Your Best Choice

Metal roof installation over shingles is so far your best choice as far as metal roofing is concerned. This added layer of support and protection that shingles can offer can create a win-win situation. You can install your metal roof over wet shingles as long as you add a layer of underlayment to prevent any potential problems that may occur after the job.