Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Roof replacement

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

No house will be complete without a roof. The roof acts as the main barrier between you and things that might fall out the sky. A good roof can last for years if it receives proper care and maintenance.

Sadly, sooner or later, your roof will suffer from damages and once this happens, you need to decide if you should replace or repair you roof.

Roof repair is usually your go-to option for roof maintenance. But, there are cases when a simple repair is no longer enough. Today, you will learn how to identify signs of damage in your roof and help you determine if roof replacement or repair is the better option for you.

When is Roof Repair a Good Choice?

Roof repair is the better choice for you most of the time. This can further extend the overall life span of your roof without the additional expense of roof replacement. There are several conditions when you will be better off with roof repair. If you need gutter repairs & replacements then visit our page.

Consider how old your roof is. If the house was recently built and its roof is still somewhat new, it is possible that you can still fix the damage. You can get in touch with the manufacturer for the necessary repairs if your roof is covered by a 30-year warranty.

One more important consideration is the specific content when the damage occurred. It will be easier for you to determine if repair is enough if you know how and when your roof incurred the damages. For instance, if a major storm recently occurred, there is a high chance that the damage on the roof was because of the storm itself. It is possible to repair weather-related roof damages. The exterior damages are often visible in such instances.

Finally, you have to consider how serious the damage is. If it is only a tiny mark such as one missing shingle, you can repair it without any issues. If damages are limited to the roof’s surface, you can fix the problem by replacing some of the shingles. If you are a business looking to repair or replace your roof then visit our commercial roofing page.

When is Roof Replacement a Good Choice?

Replacement will inevitably be necessary at one point in the life of a roof. Repairs tend to be less efficient and effective on older roofs. You can always continue with the repairs but these will only result to more expenses in the long run. If you have an older roof or one that is already near the end of its original 30 or 20-year warranty, your safest bet is roof replacement. If you have no idea how old your roof is, you can assume that it is already beyond the time for repair.

If your roof has extensive damage, you have to consider replacing it sooner or later. You can repair most damages up to an extent. However, if these damages already started affecting your roof’s structural integrity, it is about time that you replace it.

Lastly, once you notice serious leakage and water damage in your home’s interior, make sure you replace your roof right away. While there are some damages that you can repair, these might take too much effort and time. Your number one priority is and should always be getting a solid roof at the soonest time possible.