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Famous people from Bath, UK

Bath, UK is known for its tourist destinations from ancient sites to coffee shops to castles. But people with varying degrees of contributions to society also come from this scenic town. Here’s a list of people who have made quite an impact from centuries ago to the modern times.

1. John Arthur Roebuck Rudge


John Arthur Roebuck Rudge is credited as a pioneer of cinematography. He made scientific instruments as a profession but also dabbled in making motion pictures, which at the time, was still in its infancy. He used a device called a Biophantic Lantern, which moved the images. This earned him the nickname “The Wizard of the Magic Lantern.”

Mary Berry Bath

2. Sidney Horstmann

(1881 – 1962)

While not a native of Bath and the son of a German clockmaker, he made significant contributions to the automotive industry. He, and his brothers, were credited for building gearboxes. The gearbox itself was his brainchild, and together with his siblings, they established Horstmann Gear in 1904. 

In 1913, they then founded Horstmann Cars. The factory produced around 3000 cars before folding in 1929. But 7 years prior, he invented a coil spring suspension mechanism, and it implemented this system called Horstmann Bogie to Chieftain and Centurion tanks all through the 1960s.

3. CJ Phipps


Dubbed the “Theatre Architect”, CJ Phipps began his work in his hometown of Bath when he restored the local Theatre Royal after it was damaged by fire. If you have ever been to the west end, notice the theatres. Most of them were all designed by him. The notable theatres are Daly’s, Gaiety, Garrick, Lyric, Olympic, Prince’s, Queen’s Shaftesbury, Strand, Tivoli, Vaudeville, and another 40 theatres scattered around the different provinces.

5. Mary Berry


Cooking is an art and requires quite the dedication to master. Mary Berry finished her studies at Bath College. She studied catering and developed quite the skill for it after being encouraged by her domestic science teacher.

She developed her skills further by pursuing studies in France at Le Cordon Bleau. She also wrote for Housewife Magazine and published her first book in culinary arts in 1970.

5. Ann Widdecombe

(1947 – Present)

If you’ve ever tuned in to UK politics, she would have been a familiar face, especially during the recent Brexit debates. She’s from Bath but spent time growing up away from her native city but still completed her schooling at La Sainte Union along Pulteney Road.

She started her political career as a Conservative MP in 1987 until retiring in 2010.

6. Indira Varma

(1973 – Present)

Indira Varma was born in Bath in 1973 and later moved to London and starred a variety of TV shows like Game of Thrones and Rome and Luther.

7. Scott Sinclair

(1989 – Present)

Scott Sinclair played English Football for most of his life since starting at the very young age of 9 years old. He also participated and represented UK in the 2012 Olympics.

8. Jacqueline Wilson

(1945 – Present)

Best selling Children’s author Jacqueline Wilson sold more than 35 million copies of her books during her lifetime. She discovered her passion for writing at 9 years old. She entitled her first novel “Meet the Maggots”. In 2002- 2005, her story Tracy Beaker was turned into a TV series that became popular on TV.

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