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The Best Walks In Bath,

Walking is perhaps one of the simplest forms of exercise, and it can be more enjoyable while admiring the beautiful scenes around you. Bath is a stunning city with many spots to enjoy outdoor walks with its scenic locations.

Here is a list of locations you can try out next time you want to go out for a simple stroll.

Georgian Street

This historic location is great for learning about the people of Bath who made valuable contributions to the city’s history. This is also where movies like the Duchess and Persuasion were filmed at, so if you watched those movies, this place might look familiarAre you a fan of Jane Austen? Get a chance to see her home here and walk the same gardens she did.

Royal Victoria Park bath

Here’s a good one. This location has quite the room to stroll in with an area of 57 acres. Enjoy the beautiful flower gardens where flowers bloom on the season while getting a chance to see the obelisk of Princess Victoria. She established the park when she was only 11 years old back in 1830.

The other activities that can be enjoyed in this park are, playing golf for the adults and running around the playgrounds for the kids.

This 102 mile/160 Km path is a long way to go, enough to keep your enjoyment for days. If you are into hiking then this is a scenic route that will take you to breathtaking scenes. Along the trail are villages, forests, ancient sites, and the route will end in the World Heritage City of Bath.

Examples of these places are the historic site of Tyndale Monument, Sudeley Castle (If you’ve never seen a real castle then this can be your opportunity).

This route also hosts Cotswold Way Relay, an annual event that is a 10-stage relay race.

This park is a spacious location that can provide countless hours of walking. Dyrham Park is a location where deer are free to roam, so you can expect to encounter them on your walks and perhaps even take pictures of them.

The major places of interest inside the park starts with the Manor of Dyrnham, established way back in the late 17th century. Then, followed by Orangery and stable block, and the Anglican parish church of St Peter.

So not only can you enjoy the walks but you also have places to visit while taking a break. But you don’t always have to walk between these locations as there’s a bus that takes visitors to various locations, so if you are only really there for the view and not the walks, then at least you’re covered.

The Bath Skyline is a place to admire the entirety of Bath and all its beauty. This 6 mile or 10 Km trail is located to the east of the city on a high ground. At this location, you can take picnics and take pictures of Bath City.


If you are looking for a place to stroll during the weekends or the next holiday, you might want to try several of these locations and get to experience walking through historic places.

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